Researching Civil War Ancestors (Henry MANN)

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I’m on the hunt for my ancestor Henry MANN who registered for the Civil War draft in the Third Congressional District, Brooklyn (Kings County) New York in 1863. According to an article posted in the NY Times – names were chosen from all who registered and his name wasn’t on the list. This leads me to believe he didn’t actually serve in the military.

Henry MANN
Birth 1822 in Suffolk, England
Death aft. 1882 1892 in New York [edit: found on 1892 NY State Census]

Henry married Elizabeth
Birth circa 1839 in Ireland
Death aft. 1882 1892 in New York [edit: found on 1892 NY State Census]

Children of Henry and Elizabeth were:

Henry E. MANN
Birth JUN 1863
Death aft 1923 in New York

William MANN
Birth 1868 in New York

Source for family info: 1880 US Federal Census (New York)

Note – according to the reason why I am seeing a LOT of armed guards mentioned in the NY Times article (linked above) is that in 1863 there were a lot of draft riots happening!

There were four drafts between 1863 and 1865, which included 3.175 million records. Historically, the 1863 draft was one of the most tenuous moments in the Union outside of the battles fought on Northern soil. Most of the concern was due to the draft riots that took place in New York in 1863.

It’s crazy to know that my ancestor was at one of these “drafts” (and┬ápresumably; a riot). I wonder if he was in favor of the war or against it? He would have been 42 years old when the drafts were happening.

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