Jewish Roots: Surnames & Locations

We’ve always been aware that my husband, Alan has some DEEP Jewish roots – in fact, his AncestryDNA results came back with a whopping 96% Ashkenazi Jew heritage. One of the problems I am running into while trying to trace his history is the lack of information. A lot of the records of his family – at least the ones who came to the United States – just say “Austria” or “Hungary” as the place of birth. Some – like his Great Grandfather, Jacob’s Naturalization papers – list a town perhaps, but it’s hard to read and is impossible to find out about. Especially since I am really lacking in my historical knowledge/geography of the areas in question.

As I find locations & surnames, I’m going to list them here. Hopefully, I will be able to share this information with “cousins” and figure out these mysteries.


  • Bernstein
  • Brandt
  • Cagan / Kagan
  • Karp
  • Lipkin
  • Sonnenschein
  • Spegal / Spiegal
  • Zweigenbaum


  • Austria
  • Hungary
  • Russia
  • Stuchie, Russia
  • Brest-Litovsk, Russia
  • Zsofiafalva

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