Conquering my Genealogy to William (the Conqueror)

It’s one thing to claim ties to royalty – or Vikings – and it’s a totally different thing to actually prove it (as well as something thousands of years can be, that is.) According to my family tree – which is fairly well sourced up until the early 1600’s, I am either the 27th Great Granddaughter of William. Yes, that one. I’m going to break down those lines and see if I can actually prove it. Hopefully, triangulating “cousins” and using DNA mapping will help. My connection is through my maternal “PELTON” surname line. Honestly, most of my really cool ancestry comes from that line (thanks, Mom!)

Keep reading for the information …

1. Christine is the daughter of [private mother] [confident] (this is me, I’m pretty confident!)
2. [Private] is the daughter of Charles Pelton [confident]
3. Charles is the son of George Lester Pelton [confident]
4. George is the son of Horace Orson Pelton [confident]
5. Horace O is the son of Horace Brit Pelton [confident]
6. Horace is the son of Asahel Pelton [confident]
7. Asahel is the son of Ithamar Pelton [confident]
8. Ithamar is the son of John Pelton Jr. [confident]
9. John is the son of John Pelton [confident]
10. John is the son of Samuel Pelton [confident]
11. Samuel is the son of Susannah (Way) Pelton [confident]
12. Susannah is the daughter of Henry Way II [confident]

Henry is my 11th Great-Grandfather and one of my English immigrants. He came during the Puritan Great Migration and everyone down from him is sourced. Now is where it gets tricky …

13. Henry II is the son of Henry Way I [confident]
14. Henry is the son of Mary (Gollop) Way [unknown confidence]
15. Mary is the daughter of John Gollop [unknown confidence]
16. John is the son of Alice Temple [unknown confidence]
17. Alice is the daughter of William Temple [uncertain]
18. William is the son of Thomas de Temple [unknown confidence]
19. Thomas is the son of Richard De Temple [unknown confidence]
20. Richard is the son of Nicholas De Temple [unknown confidence]
21. Nicholas is the son of Richard De Temple [unknown confidence]
22. Richard is the son of Margaret Corbet [unknown confidence]
23. Margaret is the daughter of Robert Corbet [unknown confidence]
24. Robert is the son of Isabell (Valletort) Corbet [unknown confidence]
25. Isabell is the daughter of Roger (Valletort) de Valletort [unknown confidence]
26. Roger is the son of Joan (Dunstanville) de Valletort [unknown confidence]
27. Joan is the daughter of Reginald (Dunstanville) de Dunstanville [unknown confidence]
28. Reginald is the son of Henry (Normandie) of England [unknown confidence]
29. Henry I is the son of Guillaume (Normandie) de Normandie [unknown confidence]

If – and that’s a BIG “if” – the line from Henry Waye on back is correct, then Guillaume (William) is my 27th Great Grandfather. Directly. Cool, right?

There seems to be a connection to some Vikings too.

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