WikiTree – Collaborative Genealogy

I’ll be honest – I’d never heard of WikiTree until the folks over at one of my favorite Genealogy websites – The In Depth Genealogist – posted about it. So, being the geek I am I of course went and signed up! AND volunteered to help out. I’ve been plugging away at my own family history for over 18 years now. I love this hobby and I love helping other people discover their roots!

WikiTree is designed to connect us all under one canopy, in one family forest. Rather than a collection of unconnected trees, WikiTree is a single tree where every ancestor has one profile that all the descendants and researchers share. One world trees have been tried before on various websites and there have been issues with the concept. Many people’s trees include unreliable information. When these trees are put together on a shared website, the mistakes get perpetuated. The incorrect information gets redistributed and the mistakes never get corrected.

I’ve personally been a member of a few and it’s a pain to update information and no one else seems to be able to either.

So far – I am the ONLY member of the WETZOLD family up on this website! I’d love to encourage my other family members to GO JOIN and share some information!

Click here to visit my profile on WikiTree!