Kissing (5th) Cousins

So I was doing a little research on my BEAUMONT line the other day and finally went back a few more generations. I had been trying to find the correct father for William BEAMONT because I had his father listed as “William” also and didn’t think that was correct. Mostly due to the fact that I’d done this line when I was a little naive about citing sources and didn’t put where I had retrieved this information. Anyway … so I have (correctly) listed the line as William BEAUMONT (BEMENT) > Thomas BEAUMONT (m. Jennet STAFFORD) > William BEAUMONT (m. Rosamond BEAUMONT)

Rosamond BEAUMONT’s parents are listed as Roger BEAUMONT (m. Johanna PILKINGTON).

Wait a tick – a Beaumont married a Beaumont? Apparently – according to the website where I found this information (which would be William and Rosamond are 5th cousins once removed.

What the heck are 5th cousins anyway? Well – it comes down to this. If your great-great-great-great grandparent (great + great + great + great + grand = 5) is another person’s great-great-great-great grandparent (great + great + great + great + grand = 5), then you are 5th cousins. There is no removed when you are on the same generational level (5 – 5 = 0). But these two are supposedly “once removed” so I think I can assume they aren’t on the same generational “level” but one generation apart. Thanks Wikipedia!

I mean – they are barely blood related. You aren’t going to get 11-toed babies when you marry that far apart. It’s still pretty intriguing though. Now I really (really) want to get further back and connect the two! It’s going to be super difficult due to the fact that I’m already back in the late 1400’s and “across the pond” in England. So if anyone is tracing the BEMENT or BEAUMONT name please get in touch!

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Me > few generations of PELTON > Ithamar PELTON (m. Asenath PRATT) > Hezekiah PRATT > Nathaniel PRATT (m. Sarah BEAUMONT) > William BEAUMONT > Thomas BEAUMONT > William BEAUMONT (m. Rosamond BEAUMONT)

A Little History:

William Beaumont (also spelled Beamon, Beamond, or Beaman) and his younger brother John Beaumont (also spelled Bement) left England in April 1635 on the ship “Elizabeth”, and settled in Salem, Massachusetts. William Beaumont later moved to Saybrook Colony, Connecticut, in 1640; his brother John Bement remained in Massachusetts.

The time period referred to as “Middle Ages” or “Medieval” was from 1066 until around 1485 [source]

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