Photo Dating ~ The Photo

I promised to upload the “photo in question” as I mentioned in an earlier post and here it is! The beautiful little babe is thought to be my Grandmother – Marion MANN but I’m not exactly sure of the date. The photo seems to be imbedded in glass and not super-imposed on the glass as originally thought. Still not 100% sure though. I wasn’t able to snag the photo from my Aunt – but as she says to me that I will “get it at some point.” So, until then I have a great photo of the photo which I’ve uploaded to my Flickr scans photo stream.

As I find more information about this photo I will post it – but until then – if you have any information please share!

I’ve checked out a few library books on turn-of-the-century fashion along with photo history. Hopefully I can piece together the dates for several of my photos.