Zoo Trip

Today I took Xander to the zoo with some friends. We said some more goodbyes since we won’t be seeing Mandy and her kids again for awhile (Mandy jokes that her baby will be almost 3 by the time we could possibly be stationed together again, eek!) Our other friend, Julissa will be spending Thanksgiving with us – we’re ordering Pizza, lol 😉

The zoo was a lot of fun. I think I took 100 pictures because I don’t remember ever taking pictures of the animals there before. Friday we’re supposed to go again with Valerie and her boys. Feel better soon Jack!

This is the part that sucks … I hate saying goodbye to people …

Blah …

I now have a 100 boxes to pack, floors to clean, bathrooms to detail, a dryer to get fixed, laundry to wash and HANG, did I mention boxes to pack?


  1. Packing boxes is probably at the bottom of my list of “favorite things to do”.

    Pizza sounds good about now after all this Thanksgiving food. LOL.

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