Zoning Out ..

I’m sitting here finishing up burning a cd for a friend that I will see tomorrow. The buzzing is making me sleepy. Well it is either the buzzing noise or the Ambien I took over an hour ago. I took it – then realized that it’s Ghost Hunters night and made sure the DVR was set just in case I fall asleep pass out. Then, Alan calls (he’s outta town) to chat and remind me when to pick him up at the airport. Thanks hunny! My phone then perishes from lack of battery life. Bah .. sent Alan a message on GChat telling him about the phone.

I can’t keep my eyes open anymore peeps … My peeps just aren’t peepin’ anymore! (that was an ode to my New Yawk Sistah)

Goodnight sweethearts!

Ps. My dog just fell UP the stairs. Is that even possible? Or do you think he got into my mind-inducing drug collection? Samson those are MY prescriptions! Get your OWN ZOLOFT!

Well, if anyone needs ‘Z’ it’s my poor emo doggy Samson.

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