Yanni Voices – That Calming Effect

51o d8ChFqL._SL500_AA240_ Okay – I will admit it – I like classical music (can you believe it?) …. I find it soothing and it’s great music to relax to. In fact, while I was in college I was taking several music classes – mostly Chamber music and Opera. So, when I heard that Yanni was coming out with a new album; one that featured up-and-coming young adult singers I got excited. Finally – classical music is getting more mainstream and popular!

Yanni Voices features the talents of not only famed singer Yanni, but also the talented voices of Nathan Pacheco, Chloe, Ender Thomas, and Leslie Mills. This is a BEAUTIFUL cd and I can safely say (once I figure out the lyrics) I will be sure to be singing along in my car (look for me on the highway – I’ve got a sunroof and I can sing loud! lol).

My favorite song on the disk? Mi Todo Eres Tu (Until the Last Moment) takes that cake because I love LOVE powerful operatic duets. (I gotta say I miss singing with my friend Jon back in college!) Chloe and Ender’s voices work SO well together.


Nathan Pacheco is a Washington DC native of Brazilian descent. Nathan is an opera trained tenor who sings with the warmth of the great pop artists.

A native of Largo, Florida, Chloe has been dancing since she was three, as well as singing, playing guitar and writing not long after that and by the age of nine Chloe was performing professionally.

Venezuelan born and bred Ender grew up in a musical family. His influences varied across a wide range of music; from traditional romantic boleros to the positive pop music of the Disney musicals.

Leslie Mills, a native of Fort Mitchell in northern Kentucky discovered an affinity for music early on, studying piano, dance and theater and writing poetry as a child, only to combine music and lyrics after high school into “actual songwriting.” Leslie reminds me a lot (vocally) of Amy Grant.

You can purchase the Yanni Voices cd/dvd combo from Amazon for only $12.49. You can learn more about the Yanni Voices at their official website.

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