Workin’ It Baby

I’ve spent the better part of the day updating blogs – like … three of them! It’s work – but it’s work that I absolutely love. Right now – I’m working on gaining more followers on Twitter, updating Atomic-Mama and trying to gain more readers and finding a pace to update JustSayOohRah with useful and interesting news about military life. So far – so good.

I signed up for a couple viral twitter things where I am supposed to gain followers quickly. It’s not QUICK – but it is effective. I’ve also been searching for fellow Tweeps that have the same interests as me – mainly – military wife, military life, navy wife, blogging …. Stuff like that. I’ve been using Friend or Follow which is a great way to keep track of who follows you back.

For Atomic-Mama I’ve just been making it a point to post interesting articles. That and updating Twitter when I post. I’ve also been utilizing the awesome that is ForumFinder. My friends there are great and incredibly helpful.

On JustSayOohRah I’ve also been trying to post each day (give or take) and post something of high interest for military members and their families. I’ve also connected the blog to my Twitter account.

As far as recent projects go I’ve finally got my PORTFOLIO up! Yeah! I can now be found at – you will find all sorts of web designs, projects and “stuff” that I’ve made on that website. Check it out!

AND … I created the *official* Organization of Student Webmasters (OSWM) Twitter account! So if you are interested in club updates (and if you are in the club you should be!) you can check it out!

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