Why I LOVE Glee

I am a total “Gleek” (someone who is obsessed with the show Glee) and I’m not ashamed. My first time through college I was an active member of the Chamber Singers group (our teacher was a former opera pro Mrs. Carla Kranz) and while we did a good deal of “chamber music” (think madrigal’s and such) we also loved to do jazzy numbers and Broadway tunes (especially if it was from RENT!)

Glee reminds me of my college music days – only on a much, MUCH larger scale of course. It’s a fun, silly, campy show that entertains viewers but also can cover a range of important issues (sexuality, teen pregnancy, self-image, etc.) You have to realize it’s pretty tongue-in-cheek and silly most of the time though in order to really enjoy it. Yes – they lipsync – so it’s not American Idol … but the cast records their singing. The cast has a ton of talent and I love listening to them.

I love the character of Rachel – she completely cracks me up with her drive. She’s super talented but also can be super annoying. But it’s her – and that’s what makes her special. When she sings the Broadway stuff and really stretches her voice she can give chills. When she sings with Idina Menzel on the show (who I am also a huge fan of) they rock my socks. I also love listening to the characters of Artie and Puck.

So – what do you think of Glee? Share your thoughts!

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