What’s A Torrent?

Preface: Apparently – a popular torrent file is being tracked by several ISPs. This was seen on ‘the Bay’ – I thought it was hilarious.

music_pirateUser: “Come on guys… You know how to deal with this shit (letter from ISP)!”

ISP Letter: “We know you are torrenting this show! Delete it or we’re gonna take legal action! Rawr!”

You: “Umm… What’s a torrent. BTW, are you from Dell?!? Cause I got this new wiify router, or something like that, and I actually installed it!!! Thanks to a very helpful neighbor who told me that I should use that "Open" security thingy. He said that was the best one, and you don’t even need a password!!! SO COOL!!! But, my internet’s like REALLY slow, so could you send someone to fix it?!? THANKS!!!”


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