What Does Thirty-Five Look Like

Christine and the Cursed ChildToday is my birthday and I am officially 35 years old! I had totally forgotten my age until my Best Friend (of 25 years) reminded me! The thing is – I stopped counting once I reached 30. It’s not that I’m sad about getting older, I just don’t *feel* old (not that 30 is old, but you get it.) I was texting the Bestie last night wearing a Hogwarts tshirt while playing Fallout 4. I don’t know how a thirty-something is “supposed” to dress but I’d assume not like that. I also have purple-red hair. Also a nose ring. I don’t *feel* old. I mean, when I hang out with 20 year olds I feel old but that’s because I go to be relatively early and can’t drink like I used to.

Am I supposed to feel “old” now that I’m 35? I’m halfway to 70! Although, I have this feeling that when I’m 70 I’ll still be obsessed with Harry Potter and still playing video games (with my grand-kids of course!)

Cheers to getting older! Bring it on!

Ps. Thanks Dad for the lovely “young face” genetics.

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