Well Hello There!

Long time no blog! Know why? I’ve been partaking in the joyous occasion of having family over for the holidays – thus – being social in real life instead of online. It happens. Did you miss me?

I got everything I wanted for Christmas (give or take) including a few new pairs of jammies, Guitar Hero Aerosmith (well, that was for the Kid), a foot spa, a food processor (yay foodies!) and a couple Harry Potter lego sets (hee hee …). The Kid got GH (really), a couple games for the GameCube, Mario Kart, a couple movies, clothes, a dinosaur, Rescue Heroes, a Batman, a Spiderman, and uh – I don’t know what else.

The family leaves tomorrow – they were fun to have around. I’m ready to be lazy again though – playing "hostess" stresses me out a tad. Alan goes back to work on Monday but I don’t start school again until the 5th so I’ve got a week to hang out with the Bug-boy and de-stress. New Years we are hanging out with our friends to watch the ball drop – so that will be all kinds of fun.

Oh: We signed a three-year contract with our house here. It’s a little odd to know that we will be here (right here) for another three years. Maybe by then I can unload our Jax house (and turn a profit). We will be getting a fence here (as per our new contract) but not new wood flooring. I think I may paint a little though – the black, blue and gray in the bathroom is a little on the ugly side. So is the mint green sponge paint in the hallway. *shudder*

Anyway, I’m going to go back to watching the family play Mario 2 on the laptop emulator on the television. Seriously, with all the new games they go "old school" – sheesh.

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