Welcome Back to teh Intarwebs Christine!

I had a ton of fun this past weekend; I had time to spend with my handsome husband and got time to relax in a hot tub whilst said handsome hubby took The Kid to the wave pool (thank goodness for indoor water parks!). I’ve decided that I want a hot tub now – we won’t get one until we’re done with Navy life – but oh LORDY it was nice!

The weekend was spent with mostly no ‘net – I got online to do a post and drop some Entrecards; but other than that I was offline for the duration. Friday night until Sunday early afternoon we were at the hotel. Afterwards we took a drive around Historic Jamestowne and also walked around the ruins. It was freaking awesome and I hope to get my photos uploaded soon!

So, apparently while I was away Goog did some updating again. Starryskye is still a PR NOTHING. I don’t expect to ever get it back because I told Goog where to “stick it” when they exchanged my PR4 for a PR0. I haven’t even checked the other blogs yet – one of them was a “1” but I am not telling which 😉 Starryskye still has an Alexa of 96,728 which I am happy about. I could use more readers though and I’m working on that – more content, more photos, more “hey look at me!” … You know … 😉

Okay so I’m off to work on a few projects both online and off … Cya later alligators!


  1. Yeah, I told Goog to suck it, too. I don’t expect to ever get my PR back but eh .. don’t need it anyway. I’d just lose it as soon as I “used” it anyway.

    Sounds like you had a nice weekend! Hopefully we’ll bump into each other soon. I have my days free again to drag my kids to play dates. 🙂

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