Weird, Weird Weather

It’s 75 degrees out right now. What’s up with this weather?? I love it! Today the high was supposed to be 71, tomorrows high is supposed to be 76! Then on Thursday the high is back to being 57 degrees.

On another note, Xander and I had some Painting Time today! We went to the craft store (Michael’s) and bought a plain wooden stool for $6.99 then I bought some yellow paint (Xander’s choice). When we began setting up today I realized that I can’t find my other paints nor can I find a small paintbrush! So, he had a regular size brush and only yellow, green (light and dark) and brown (light and dark) to play with. The chair ended up “Olive Drab Green” when he was done. There are still some more spots and some more painting to be done on it (he says) so I am sure I will have more pictures when it’s done!

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