Weed, Emma Watson and the End of the World

I love that Emma Watson is getting further and further away from her “Hermione” counterpart WITHOUT turning into your stereotypical “child-star-turned-drug-whore.” That said – grownup Emma, wielding an ax and a super cute haircut, dropping the F-Bomb and robbing several men of liquor – was just ONE of the hysterical moments featured in the new movie “This is the End.”

Thanks to the Aloha Agency, LLC (who doesn’t have a website – but has a Facebook) – I got to bring my husband on a DATE and take him to see a screening of This is the End (which comes out tomorrow!)

This is the End is a full-length movie based on a 2007 short comedy film called Jay and Seth versus the Apocalypse  film written by writer-actors Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and director Jason Stone. The movie follows longtime buddies Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel to a party at James Franco’s house where they (and a host of other celebrities) are faced with the impending apocalypse.

The movie is rated “R” for a reason! Seth and Jay “reconnect” with lots (and lots) of weed and 3D gaming at the start of the movie. Then, at the celebrity party (featuring cameos from Rhianna, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, David Krumholtz, Aziz Ansari, Kevin Hart and many, many more) there is rampant drug use (apparently, Michael Cera is a MAJOR coke-head with a penchant for bathroom sexcapades) as well as booze, general shenanigans and a GIANT art piece shaped like a dong. It’s HILARIOUS for those of us who of legal-age to laugh at this stuff! But, seriously, don’t bring the kids!

I gotta say – this movie was HILARIOUS! Sure it’s ridiculous and stupid – but there’s sort of a message! It’s about friendship, good deeds, facing your fears … and drugs! Yay! I recommend grabbing your honey or a group of friends and seeing This is the End. It’s a crazy, fun ride that provides lots of belly laughs, celebrities falling into a Hellmouth and Channing Tatum in a Gimp suit!


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