Wanna-be Ghost Hunter

Now a lot of you know that I’m slightly addicted to Ghost Hunters on SciFi; but what you may not realize is I am a total skeptic! Yes, I believe in ghosts and in the afterlife (and I sorta joke about believing in reincarnation) – but what I do not believe is probably 98% of the haunting’s that people report. I like the show Ghost Hunters because it’s about debunking and not running around screaming and letting your mind play tricks on you.

That said – I took the “leap” and emailed a local paranormal investigation group here in Hampton Roads. Found out they are still actively doing investigations and emailed them (again) to see if they were interested in a tag-along (mainly, me). Hopefully I hear back in the affirmative because that would be so very neat if I could go on a real – group investigation (not just me and a friend with a camera trouncing around graveyards).

I’ve had a real “ghost” experience – just one though. We had a spirit in our house in Rota, Spain … Saw him one night standing next to my bed wearing what appeared to be a Spanish uniform. He was tall, had dark hair and a dark mustache. I told him to go away and never saw him again. Alan (my husband) woke up while I was talking to the “ghost” and (while he still says I’m nuts) at the time thought he saw something also.

I will never “for a fact” know if I was just dreaming – but it seemed very real. I’m one of those people that doesn’t trust my own “sensitivity” (or anyone else’s for that matter) so it’s a great story – but I wouldn’t bet my life on it having actually happened.

I’m not into just visiting supposedly haunted houses and places – I’m extremely into HISTORY. So, since I live in Virginia now which has been occupied for quite awhile now – I’m totally interested in exploring. I explored my hometown (sorta – Brooksville, Florida) with my friend, Amy when we were younger. I also did some exploring in Jacksonville and St. Augustine when I lived there.

Here – we’ve already been hiking around Jamestown (that original settlement) and will hopefully do Williamsburg soon. But here in Virginia Beach there are a lot of historic places. I’d also love to walk Portsmouth (with a large group). There is a “Tweetup” in Portsmouth tomorrow – but I doubt I will make it. Don’t think Xander would be interested although I know my husband would be. Ahh well ….

That was one big tangent wasn’t it? Sorry!

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