Vampires Entertain Me

But then again … vampires entertain everyone else in America too apparently. I just watched the season finale of season 1 of HBO’s True Blood. I borrowed the series from my friend Dorothy because I’d really (really) wanted to watch it but unfortunately for me all the digital tv recorders in the world won’t DVR it for me if I don’t have HBO (which – I don’t). So – borrowing was the way for awhile. That is – until my husband went on a business trip overseas and found season two for me for eight bucks!

So – I guess tomorrow hubby and I will begin season two!

On the other hand – the vampire show I am able to DVR is Vampire Diaries which is a world away (in terms of age group and characters) from True Blood. It’s like a weekly dose of Twilight for me though (which I also adore). I don’t know how I can love both the Twilight/Vampire Diaries type vampires yet also love the vampires in True Blood, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (show, not movie) and the Anne Rice style vampires. They are all quite different – yet in a lot of ways the same. I think the real deviation would be the Twilight vampires. Stephanie Meyer pretty much rewrote the “books” with those vamps.

Am I weird for liking all of the different “genre’s” of vampire fiction? What do you think?

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