Using Loans for Good

Let me start off by stating that our bank owns us. I was having a conversation with a friend the other day regarding consolidation loans or maybe even a refinance on a current loan to help her get out of debt. I know that personally, we have a consolidation loan and a car loan from one bank and a mortgage loan from another (although, I hate the current mortgage holder – while they offer a great percentage rate, they have horrible customer service).

I have good credit, but I know a few of my friends do not – so it’s nice to see that they can get loans to help them get back on their feet. Sometimes people mess up and need payday loans in order to make ends meet. Maybe they want to use their loan to help them, instead of just add more to their debt.

That’s how I use my loans, and I hope that I can pay them off, soon. I plan on it at least!

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