Updates and Deal-Huntin’

It’s been a bit of a crazy past couple weeks. I’ve noted before that my hubby is “away” right now – so it’s just me and the Kid. The Kid is incredibly unhappy that Daddy is gone (understandable), but the DOG is also apparently not happy that Daddy is gone. He’s poo’d in Xander’s room twice now – last night at 3:30am! Thankfully, my parents drove up from Florida a couple days ago and they are helping me out a LOT! Once hubby gets home we will be driving up to New York in order to visit family (including my adorable nephew whom I haven’t seen in over a year and a half now). The house is pretty clean now thanks to my Mom and my fridge is full (and so is my belly). I love having my parents visit … I miss “home” and that includes them (don’t tell them!)

I’ve been working hard at school and it seems to be paying off. The teacher likes my work (it’s a Photoshop class) and I’ve really been learning a lot in the class. I’ve been trying to post work on the blog – I still need to post my “pen tool” drawing and a couple “print ads” that I’ve created. Next term I have “Storyboarding for Animation” which I believe is a Flash-based class. I’ve always wanted to learn how to use Flash so I am pretty thrilled to have the opportunity. I’ve been doing some freelance design work lately and trying to learn how to really personalize a WordPress template and especially how to make templates cross-browser compatible. That’s taking me for a ride though – it’s hard designing for all the browsers available. Once you get something created and it looks good on say, Firefox or Chrome then you realize that it looks insane on Internet Explorer. So – you re-create and of course once you’ve gotten it good on IE it looks awful on FF and Chrome. It’s incredibly frustrating.

Oh! Forgot to mention that I was checking out North Face jackets for hubby again – I saw that a company that sells them has free shipping all over Europe (well, the “EU” at least). Figured that would be helpful for all of my Euro-readers (and those military families overseas).

Hopefully, I can remember to update more often – my brain has been completely elsewhere lately.

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