Update on “Possible Gun Shots”

There are only 2-3 cars now, there were several guys on scene. There were around 6-7 cars it looked like. They keep checking out one particular house and they took pictures of both the house, the neighboring house and the ground around the house.

There seems to be only 2 guys out there now. Oh wait – another car just showed up.

Wow, two more cars just showed up.

I was messing with hubbys binoculars and missed where the other two cops went who were outside the house.

One of the cars left, but it seems they are still looking for whatever they are looking for. They are walking around with flashlights looking under cars and in bushes and such.

Bored now. I only see one car left now. They took a lot of pictures so I hope to hear something on the news tomorrow. I will post when I hear something!

Around 2am hubby and I were in bed (falling asleep mind you, sheesh!) and we heard what sounded like a car crash and high speeding. We looked out the window and there was a green SUV/Van with a few cops around it yelling for it to stop – it did and the cops had him turn off the engine. I have no idea if all these events are connected. My next door neighbor walked out into the street in just his boxers (the ground is covered in snow). But, walked back into his house shortly thereafter.

A woman walked up to the cops and talked to them. The guy in the suv was then given a Breathalyzer and cuffed. The woman gave him a kiss and got into the drivers seat of the green suv and drove off. The cops put the cuffed guy in the cop car. They looked like they were leaving, but the car is still parked up the block – lights are off now though.

Weird. This is weird.

I’m going to TRY and get some SLEEP tonight!!


  1. Crazy girl…stay away from the windows when you hear gunshots.


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