Ugh … Kid Shows

I’m sitting here on my couch waiting for my coffee to cool and my muffins to finish baking watching “The Sunny Side Up Show” or something like that on Sprout and lemme tell ya, on the subject of “Shows for preschoolers” this one takes the cake. It’s not a terrible show, in fact, the hosts are okay – the issue I have is with the “co-host” named Chicka – a chicken puppet – that doesn’t talk but squeaks! Like a squeaky dog toy! Over and over and over! AHH! It literally gives me a headache. Who the hell thought this up? They should be kicked in the stomach, repeatedly!

I thought originally that Yo Gabba Gabba was annoying, but it’s just weird – not annoying. CHICKA is annoying!

On another note, I began reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire last night and I’m already at chapter 9. I love it!


  1. What? You don’t like Yo Gabba Gabba? That’s the one kiddie show I actually don’t mind. Maybe it’s just that it keeps my daughter so entertained.. Her “wiggle wiggle wiggle” makes my day!

    But yes, that chicken thing on Sprout is the worst.

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