Twilight: New Moon Soundtrack (review)

51J8E1J81wL._SL160_ While I really enjoyed the Twilight soundtrack I really, really liked this one much better. Everything about the soundtrack was perfect for the movie – much more so than the first. The difference with this cd was that each song was either written directly for New Moon or can only be found on this soundtrack and was chosen specifically for the movie.

  1. Meet Me On The EquinoxDeath Cab For Cutie ~ I’d never really paid much attention to Death Cab for Cutie before. But this song is a great song – I like the guys’ voices and the song went perfect on this soundtrack. I figured it would be used differently; but where they used it in the movie works also.
  2. FriendsBand Of Skulls ~ A nice simple rock song that’s pretty catchy. Makes me think of Bella’s ‘need’ for the Cullens (and her other friends) because really, the girl can’t function by herself.
  3. Hearing DamageThom Yorke ~ I love Radiohead so of course I love this single by front man Thom Yorke. Eerie and moody but a great addition.
  4. Possibility Lykke Li ~ This song was my absolutely favorite on the entire soundtrack. It’s a simple and haunting song that I really couldn’t figure out where it would be best used. I’m happy it was used where it was though because it really works with the absolute pain and depression in the scene.
  5. A White Demon Love SongThe Killers ~ This song always makes me think of Jacob and Bella but I can’t remember where it was used. I love this song!
  6. Satellite HeartAnya Marina ~ A lovely song that speaks about being ‘lost’ and reminds me a bit of the love between Edward and Bella.
  7. I Belong To You [New Moon Remix]Muse ~ Favorite band of author Stephenie Meyer herself; Muse is back on this soundtrack with a revamp of a song found on the bands recent album “The Resistance.” All of Muse’s songs are pretty catchy and this one is no different.
  8. RosylnBon Iver & St. Vincent ~ What a cool and creepy song … Lots of guitar and beautiful singing although I had to look up the lyrics to see what they were actually singing about.
  9. Done All WrongBlack Rebel Motorcycle Club ~ This song is a bit reminiscent of Native American music with it’s simple guitar music and chant-style singing. It’s a really pretty song.
  10. MonstersHurricane Bells ~ Not sure how to describe this one but it’s a little less ‘emo’ than the other songs on the soundtrack. Talks about monsters ‘hiding down deep inside’ … there sure are a lot of monsters in this movie aren’t there?
  11. The Violet HourSea Wolf ~ Such a catchy song – I love the voice of the guy singing. Lots of irony that goes along with the movie very well.
  12. Shooting The MoonOk Go ~ I’m a fan of Ok Go and just love this song … Love the drum in the background, love the harmonies … Just a good simple song.
  13. Slow LifeGrizzly Bear [with Victoria Legrand] ~ A slow, simple song that really makes me think of Edward and Bella again. The lyrics include “Even though you’re the only one I see … If you ask,I’ll cut you free …”
  14. No Sound But The WindEditors ~ This song is so absolutely perfect with this movie, it makes me think of vampires and complete emptiness. I absolutely love this song.
  15. New Moon [The Meadow]Alexandre Desplat ~ A beautiful instrumental by the composer of the entire score for the movie. I like this song much more than “Bella’s Lullaby” from the first movie (which was so not a ‘lullaby’ anyway).

As you can see I really loved this disc – the entire thing (which so isn’t normal!) You can pick up your own copy from Hot Topic stores and from

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