Trusted Tours & Attractions

(That’s Alan and Xander on Lucy the Giant Elephant’s Toes! She’s in NJ)

I have the opportunity give some “buzz” to a travel company called Trusted Tours & Attractions that I’ve heard positive things about. So, since its cold (41 degrees) and rainy and is supposed to snow later tonight I’d like to talk about something that makes me happy – which is VACATION!

My sister lives in New York with her hubby and their son (who happens to be MY nephew!) I haven’t seen them since my AJ (my nephew) was around 5 months old – he’s now 14 months old. I miss them so much and I would certainly LOVE to take a vacation to New York right now. It’s obviously colder there then here, and I’m sure it’s snowing also; but I want to see them.
The last trip to New York was made in April – we drove up there to attend AJ’s Baptism & subsequent party for said Baptism. We stayed only 3 days and 2 nights but didn’t take any New York tours or anything while there. We then drove to New Jersey to visit with Alan’s Grandma (who is Xander’s GREAT-Grandma!) We stayed 5 days and 4 nights (if memory serves) and got to see Atlantic City (me gambling for the first time – just a dollar – and losing it!) and shop at the “posh” outlet stores up there.

SO – real quick let’s talk about Trusted Tours and Attractions, okay? They have a newsletter you can sign up for – in fact, right now you can get a chance to win a hand-held GPS system if you sign up! If you’d like to go on some sightseeing tours then they can hook you up also!

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