TripFLIX – Plan Your Vacation!


I had the opportunity to get a copy of a neat DVD called “TripFLIX” to review! TripFLIX is over two hours long and features twenty-five destinations, interactive trivia, games and even a blooper reel!

You start out on the menu with a map of the US where you have to choose your “Starting region” followed by your “Destination region” – you can choose from North, South. Since I live in Virginia, I chose “South” and since I would rather not venture out too far I also chose “South” as my destination! The video goes through various places that you can visit in the region including the Baltimore Orioles baseball field; “Rock City” in Georgia and space camp. I can think of a million other places to visit in the south but I’m FROM the south, so I guess I have that advantage!

Some other featured spots include Coney Island in New York, Atlantic City in Jersey (including Lucy the Elephant which our family has seen!), the Alamo in Texas, Metropolis (yes, think Superman) in Illinois, Mount Rushmore, Sea World, and the St. Louis Arch.


The movie kept my son’s attention for a bit; although he did start wandering around after about 20 minutes. I think that the movie would most likely be better for older kids (maybe older than 5 or 6) because the activities at each “attraction” are more geared towards those ages and above. All in all; the movie was cute; the two teen hosts were funny and I gleaned a lot of information from it. I could’ve done without the slightly annoying “trivia” sections between each feature … but, that might just be because I didn’t know ANY of the answers. I have to admit though that this movie was pretty cute and I did learn some new things. I have a bunch of new ideas where I’d like to visit (and take my kid) now also – so, mission accomplished!

You can get your own copy of TripFlix by visiting their website at and you can also view the “Grownups Guide” here!

You can watch the TripFLIX dvd trailer right here!

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