I’m adding to the last post I made re. UK Travel! I want to talk some more, lol …. I need to make a new “Before I Die” list to add more places to visit and make sure I’ve marked off the places I have visited. I also really really want to start a Travelogue again (had one once, it died …)

I’ve visited Paris, France; the military area’s of Germany; Portugal (gotta do that again, bad luck on the first one); Gibraltar (wow! didn’t see the apes though) in Europe. I want to visit the UK (you didn’t know that?), Italy, Berlin in Germany, Prague and Holland (Amsterdam baby!) I also want to visit the Moulin Rouge in Paris just because we didn’t get to see it (baby and all).

I’ve been to several states in the US but I’d really like to hit MORE! Maybe take a cruise. Maybe hit Hawaii. California, Maine, Texas … I want to visit Mexico! Brazil!

I need to get out more …

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