Today, Yesterday & Tomorrow

Today was a nice, long day spent with friends. Bianka and I hit the mall this morning, then had some lunching at Chik Fil A after she picked up her kiddo, then I mowed the lawn (yay!) then I met up with Bianka (again, lol) and Julissa at the park, then we had a pizza party with the kids. Much fun 🙂 I’m SO tired now that I’m pretty sure I’m hitting the bath and bed very soon.

Yesterday, the doggy got DIPPED as planned, so I hope he doesn’t have any more ticks. I will check in the morning. So far, I haven’t caught any of them wandering around the house – have seen one on his bed, but it was dead. So, I guess the spray is working.

Tomorrow I have no idea what I’m doing – I do have to vac the living room and do LAUNDRY though. Must. Do. Laundry!


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