Today Was Monday …

Yeah … no freaking way right? Ugh! Today was the absolute epitome of MONDAY! First off hubby was supposed to get up early this morning since he’s doing some training of sorts in North Carolina – which is about 45 minutes away. The alarm was set to PM instead of AM!! So – we were woken up by our little Xander-boogie at 7:36am … hubby had to be in NC by 8:30am and I had school at 8:00am! Hubby moved faster than I’ve EVER seen him move before – he literally jumped outta bed and RAN for the bathroom to dunk his head in the shower to wake up (and tame that unruly hair of his!) He got dressed and was out the door by 7:50am. A-m-a-z-i-n-g …

I moved a smidge slower since honestly … with the class I am taking now (Flash) I don’t give a rats ass about being late. Xander got dressed and perched on the bed watching ‘Max and Ruby’ while I did my hair. We left the house around 8:00am and I headed towards Dam Neck where he goes to daycare. WELL – the daycare had NO POWER since 8:00pm the previous night so they weren’t taking kids. A phone call or something would’ve been nice you know but whatever. So – I trek him over to Oceana to their daycare (that I have no idea where the location is) and get there around 8:30am. Get him dropped off in a new classroom with all new people thanking God that my son is a social whore like his Mama. He went right in and sat down with the kids.

I got back to the car and headed in the direction of the highway and the McDonalds. I had to eat so I could take my medicine of course. Lucky for me McD’s has $1 bacon, egg and cheese biscuits which are LOVE! Took my pills and ate my breakfast while driving down 264 at 70 miles per hour. Hey – at least I wasn’t talking on the cell phone … right?

Got to school at 9:00am. Only an hour late! Found out we had a mid-term that day and got to work on highlighting the hell out of my book and working on class work.

Hubby FINALLY got home around 9:00pm – he put the kid to bed and I made him some dinner. He then left to head to work to get some lists and send some emails. He still needs to make a Power Point presentation tonight.

Ugh … today over yet?

Also – my thoughts go out to two Twitter friends who had little ‘car incidents’ today. Glad you BOTH are fine and unhurt!

On the plus side … I got a load of laundry, the kitty box and a load of dishes cleaned today. Huzzah.


  1. Wow! It sounds like a doozy of a day. You are lucky you don’t get headaches from the stress. Your little guy is so good to just go to any daycare without throwing a fit! You are lucky to not have one who clings to your leg and screams.
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..Great Giveaway! =-.

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