Today, I Went For A Drive

Much to my hubby’s dismay I reached the end of my rope with Xander today. So, I went out the door – with no shoes or wallet – and into my van. I went for a drive up Upton Drive, which turned into Princess Anne Road. Princess Anne is seriously never-ending I think but I turned around after about 30-minutes at Old Pungo Ferry Road (which was a dead end where I found an old, abandoned George’s Seafood Restaurant). I drove past a tiny cemetery peeking out from behind some bushes – the Bell Family Cemetery. I passed a little one-room schoolhouse – the Pleasant Ridge Elementary School – that was relocated in 1915, who knows when it was actually begun.

I also drove by a house that was similar in structure to Bacon’s Castle but on a much smaller scale. It was obviously being repaired (lots of scaffolding and trash piles) but there are no signs around saying anything about the house. Maybe I will drive by during the afternoon one of these days and see if there any workers around and ask them about it.

By the time I got home I was a little less stressed.

I do wish I had brought my camera though.

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