The Sun is Up, The Sky is Blue

… and it’s already freaking HOT outside! But – it’s a NEW day! So, I will just completely ignore the fact that Xander woke me up this morning before the alarm went off to tell me that “there’s poop in (his) bedroom” … great … thanks Samson!

I’ve got a ton of stuff to do today – let’s make a list!

  • Go back to bed until 9am (mwa ha ha!)
  • Clean dining room
  • Fold Laundry in guestroom
  • Dishes
  • Kitty box
  • Clean stove
  • Windex surfaces
  • Lisa’s blog remix
  • Don’t forget to eat lunch
  • Come up with something for dinner
  • Laundry – load of darks
  • Laundry – load of blankets/sheets

Seems attainable – right? But first … back to sleep for a couple hours. Why? Because I CAN! 🙂 I love daycare 🙂

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