The “SUCK” that is EAxis

So – I bought Sims3 at a thrift store for $4.00 – but, someone had already pilfered the instruction manual (and therefore, the registration code). So I sent an email to EAxis (i.e. EA Games) via the Sims3 site to find out how to obtain a registration code. Here is what I sent:

06/19/2009 08:37 PM
I purchased a copy of Sims3 at a local thrift store – but, the game was missing the book (including the registration code). How would I go about getting a replacement registration code for my game? I want to do this legally since of course I could just go online and find it – but I would like to be able to shop at the “Store” and download things from the Exchange.
Please advise – thank you 🙂

And … here is what I received back:

Response (EARepJovi)
06/23/2009 07:13 AM
Thank you for contacting Electronic Arts.
I apologize for the delay in response to this ticket. If you have not registered the game and if the Registration code/Serial Number/CD Key for the game has been lost, misplaced or missing then you will need to purchase another Registration code/Serial Number/CD Key from our warranty department, please mail our Warranty department the following information:
-The [Proof of Purchase] page from the manual, or if that is not available the game disk.
Note: If you send the game disk, please send it using a traceable method as Electronic Arts is not responsible for products lost in transit.
-A letter explaining that you need a replacement serial number.
-A money order for $10.00 USD.
-Note: We do NOT accept cash, checks, or credit cards.
-Include full contact information:
-First and Last Name
-Return Address (Including City, State, and Zip Code)
-Phone Number
-E-mail Address
You must mail in your request to the following address:
Electronic Arts Warranty Department
9001 N I-35 Suite 110
Austin, TX 78753
Once all of the information has been received, our Warranty Department will process your request and e-mail as well as standard mail you a serial number. If you mailed the game disks to us, the disks will be returned to you shortly. NOTE: If you fail to include all of the requested items, it will prevent us from processing your request.
EA Rep Jovi
Player Relations
Electronic Arts

First off … didn’t I say that I didn’t HAVE the manual – which is the reason for the initial email? Second … send the DISK!? Third … $10!?!?!? Are you effin’ kidding me EAxis?! I realize that they are trying to protect their “assets” but seriously; did I not say I got it at a thrift store? Not to mention they want me to send the actual disk PLUS $10? Why the hell do they need $10? Isn’t proving that I bought the freaking game by sending them the damn disk enough?

Seriously EAxis … between this and Securom … THIS is why people pilfer the game from TPB (or any other torrent/illegal sites). Because you people SUCK! SUCK! For your information I was already PLAYING the game (that is, until the power source went on my desktop … but that’s another issues all-together)! So, excuse me while I download a torrent of Riverview et al because A: I’m not sending you my disk (*cough*becauseitslockedinmydeadcomputer*cough*) and B: I don’t HAVE $10 to send you (and even if I did I feel that’s ridiculous!)


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