The Long, Long Drive

My parents are visiting and so far I’ve had hardly any sleep (except the nap I took on the couch after 4 glasses of wine), saw my dad’s gallbladder scars, listened to a loud chat about politics and laughed hysterically about my father’s comedic timing (or normal elderly confusion) (I’m kidding!) Suffice to say, my parents crack me up. I’m sure there visit will both drive me nuts and amuse the hell outta me. It’s family – that’s how it works.

I’m working on some homework now for my database class … so far, I’ve just typed out all the questions and answered one. I’m too busy listening to the conversations. My husband and my father are talking war and weaponry. Dad was in the Army a million years ago and is also a retired cop and as you know hubby is in the Navy. I so need to get some homework done though – because I don’t want to try and deal with it tomorrow when I’ve got an insane four year old up my nose. Although, there are club meetings tomorrow so I will be heading up to school anyway (even though I have a Hybrid class – read: at home) – I might just do some work up there instead of here at home.


  1. Get that homework done Missy! Said in a stern motherly voice. LOL

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