His Game is Old School

My son rocks at the Super Mario Bros. Wii game. Rocks. I seriously don’t know where he gets it from either (don’t you look at me!) I suppose it’s “bad parenting” since he just turned five but hey … he’s not playing Grand Theft Auto – he’s playing Mario. It’s good for hand eye coordination! Okay? Do you have a little gamer in your house? Am I the only bad parent out there?

Today, Today

I use that title entirely too much. It’s because there really IS no title … What shall I call my pointless blog entry today? “Holy CRAP The Scale LIES” ? or “Xander has a BIG BOY Bed” ? or “Dude on the Telly is HAIRY” ? I dunno …

The Scale LIES! I hopped (well, stepped) onto it the other day and had a rude awakening … which prompted me to write this entry on my other (ahem, new) blog. Leads me to either get off my butt and check out the Oceana gym or invest in some gym equipment. How much do normal home gyms run anyway? What ONE piece of equipment do YOU recommend?

Xander has a BIG BOY bed! You read that right ladies and gents! My little boy, just shy of 3 years old, is sleeping in a brand spanking new TWIN size bed! Hubby put it together tonight. It has drawers and a bookshelf all built in. I’m excited, HE’s excited … My little boy is growing up! He was begging to go to school today too .. he say the school bus going down the street and ran to the door. It’s just too much.

Oh, hairy guy on the telly? Yeah, I’m just watching E! News …. it was some commercial. I am waiting for Chelsea Nightly to come on. Oh, didja hear that now Kat McPhee has been dropped from her RCA label? She’s got a crazy amazing voice, but she just didn’t catch up with the AMAZINGNESS of Chris Daughtry. She joins Ruben Studdard & Taylor Hicks as yet another AI “loser” …

I’m not snarky today, so I won’t keep going 😉


Happy Halloween everyone! Xander woke up in a funk this morning, so today should be interesting. We’ve been watching Scooby Doo all morning, but he gets MAD when a commercial comes on. It would be funny if he weren’t so LOUD at protesting the commercials! Sheesh!

Samson (the dog) and Xander were playing outside this morning – it was awesome! Yes they were being insanely loud, but they were playing – TOGETHER! This is huge! They never really played together before, and now I guess since Xander is older and can chase Sammy around better Sammy likes him more. Don’t get me wrong, he still growls at him and generally gets annoyed at him (I do to lol … well, not the growling, well .. okay yeah, I growl at him too – he IS annoying!) but – they are getting to where they can actually entertain each other. In fact, Xander was outside calling for Samson and he was in the kitchen with me and I said “Sammy, go outside and play with Xander” and he actually got up and went outside and waited for Xander to play with him – all while wagging his tail!

It’s so nice seeing your kids get along 😉