Getting Back on Track

So, now that my three-months of hosting is about to expire with Namecheap (because I only paid for three months, not for some shifty reason) – I’m finally getting back on track.

Except – I think Juliana (the baby) has a radar for when Mommy is on the laptop because I hear her getting cranky from the playroom. She may be just mad at some toys though.

lol … I used the word “Mommy” and in my Zemanta sidebar on this LiveWriter program I am getting naked shots of people who have undergone the “Mommy Makeover” plastic surgery. Heh … thanks for the humor this morning Zemanta!

Speaking of Mommy Makeovers – you can find me on because my fat ass is trying to lose weight! Huzzah! Are you on the site? It’s actually super, duper helpful! I am one of those OCD types who have to write down everything they eat in order to stay on track … The one thing that the MFP app (for the iPhone at least) has that the SparkPeople app doesn’t? The ability to scan bar-codes and get nutritional information! Hence – I’m using MFP instead of SparkPeople.

Okay – I really have to jump in the shower and get ready for work now. Just wanted to check in with my readers and let them know am I still sortof alive here.

Nutella Dip

nutelladipHere is a yummy recipe that I found on a great weight-loss community called It’s a dip that you can use to dip fruit, pretzels, bagel chips … anything! Takes 10 minutes and is super simple!


Nutella Dip


  • 0.5 Cup Nutella
  • 8 oz Fat Free Cream Cheese
  • 1 Tbs Skim Milk
  • 1 Tbs Splenda

Enjoy with Apples, Pretzels, Bagels, etc

Number of Servings: 12 (about 2 Tablespoons)

Original Recipe | SparkPeople | Nutella

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Hot Mama in the Making: Begin Again

January 1st kicked off my "Hot Mama in the Making" weight loss new years resolution. As the month wore on I paid more attention to what I ate (still ate fast food – but ate less and ate as healthy as I could). I also tried to work out (unsuccessfully) and did little things like taking the stairs at school and parking a little further out.

On January 1st I was 219lbs – on January 30th I was 212lbs. That is a 7lb loss and I couldn’t be more thrilled! My goal for this month is 5lbs loss – lets see what I can make of this goal. I am hoping to have “Lose 10bs” as my goal for March – the weather should be warmer and it might make me want to hit the park with Xander more often. This winter weather just makes me want to sleep!

I have to admit though that “eating healthy” doesn’t always mean “eating” to me. I’ve had eating disorders in the past and I am quick to fall back into those bad patterns. I try not to though by keeping healthy (easy) snacks and meals in the house like shakes, frozen meals, fiber bars, fruit (grapes, apples), yogurt and lots and lots of cold filtered water.

What is your favorite healthy, easy snack for yourself?

Today, Today

I use that title entirely too much. It’s because there really IS no title … What shall I call my pointless blog entry today? “Holy CRAP The Scale LIES” ? or “Xander has a BIG BOY Bed” ? or “Dude on the Telly is HAIRY” ? I dunno …

The Scale LIES! I hopped (well, stepped) onto it the other day and had a rude awakening … which prompted me to write this entry on my other (ahem, new) blog. Leads me to either get off my butt and check out the Oceana gym or invest in some gym equipment. How much do normal home gyms run anyway? What ONE piece of equipment do YOU recommend?

Xander has a BIG BOY bed! You read that right ladies and gents! My little boy, just shy of 3 years old, is sleeping in a brand spanking new TWIN size bed! Hubby put it together tonight. It has drawers and a bookshelf all built in. I’m excited, HE’s excited … My little boy is growing up! He was begging to go to school today too .. he say the school bus going down the street and ran to the door. It’s just too much.

Oh, hairy guy on the telly? Yeah, I’m just watching E! News …. it was some commercial. I am waiting for Chelsea Nightly to come on. Oh, didja hear that now Kat McPhee has been dropped from her RCA label? She’s got a crazy amazing voice, but she just didn’t catch up with the AMAZINGNESS of Chris Daughtry. She joins Ruben Studdard & Taylor Hicks as yet another AI “loser” …

I’m not snarky today, so I won’t keep going 😉