I’m Too Sensitive

Today I received an “A-“ on an assignment. I totally and completely wanted to THROTTLE my teacher for that. Do you think I’m being too sensitive? I personally think I am … I saw that grade in my email and stood right up, stalked up to his desk and said “is there any particular reason I received an A- on that assignment?”

The reason? Instead of putting copyright information at the bottom of each of my website pages I put “Back to Top.” Okay – no problem – that was a mistake on my part I suppose – it’s completely fixable. But – since I’m rather bitchy and hormonal lately I said to him “Soooo, if I change that footer to copyright information will you change my grade to reflect that?” and he said yes. So, I changed it.

My teacher is not a “Web development” teacher – he’s a Programmer (and he is supposedly a good programming teacher). But as far as grading web design projects he tends to pull the grades out of his ass. He gives no “constructive” criticism. He just gives grades. Thankfully, I have two other teachers who are awesome and give me feedback (I also have awesome web development friends who help me a lot also).

I just … ugh, I don’t know … this teacher just SERIOUSLY annoys me. Not to mention I’ve had a helluva week … Anyway – here’s the website in question (I know there are some browser compatibility issues). What do you think?

Fusion Cafe screencap

The “live” website: http://christinebrandt.net/CIS455/FusionCafe/

The Letter of the Day is …

I currently have an “F” in my Web Client Scripting class (in other words – Javascript). It’s not that I don’t “get” it really – it’s more of a timing issue.

I’ve been sorta swamped with work since attending the conference last week. I’m totally not complaining because this is what I want – completely! I’m just saying that this Javascript class has sorta taken a backseat to my design work.

It’s so nice to have actual, paying clients. I love working with them, love designing for them and love seeing their comments when I make a website that they love. It makes me smile!

My husband thinks that I put too much work into my work. But I do that only because I am really still learning (hence my cheap prices! lol). I’m IN school – I’m not technically IN the field. So – my first few clients are really guinea pigs in my wonderfully large development experiment! Shh, don’t tell them …

Okay – so today I will be getting two websites (blogs) online. Dwan and Alan have been tremendously patient with me and are very understanding when I post on Twitter with how much I hate the “Thesis” theme. Well – I don’t really HATE it – I actually LOVE it – I just have to LEARN it. It’s completely worth the money – it just takes some time. Y’know – learning curve and all.

Hopefully Noel’s blog will be up this weekend. It’s pretty much all done – just a few more tweaks. She’s being incredibly patient with me also and I love her for that.

Tammy’s layouts will be sent tomorrow! TOMORROW!!

Lisa’s new project will be worked on next week (I will make the due date sweetie – promise).

Gosh, anything else? I have to get back to work on my schoolwork – so follow me on Twitter @starryskye81 if you wanna hear me run my mouth some more!