I Love My Dentist

Okay, you don’t hear that often – I mean that someone actually likes their dentist – but really, I do. I asked friends where they go for dentistry in Virginia Beach and my friend Melissa takes her kids to Dr. Bredologos and has been for years. When I called to make my own appointment (well – one for me and also my seven year old as well) we were assigned Dr. Mendrinos (who is actually the sister of Dr. Bredologos!)

My first appointment – the first cleaning I’ve had in over 5 years – took forever. I don’t take care of my teeth like I should and the poor hygienist had to scrape the hell out of my teeth. She chatted with me while she worked and was super nice. I realized though that I had been gripping the seat handles the entire time.

The next visit was a cavity fill – a BIG one – and I was so incredibly amped up and nervous. The last time I had work done on my teeth was my wisdom teeth removal and it was hell! It hurt – everything hurt – even the giant needle they used to numb me up. I even screamed during the appointment because I was absolutely FREAKING OUT! But – as soon as Dr. Mendrinos began to talk to me about my nervousness it went out the window. I was worried I’d flip out and asked her if I could have “the gas” and she said she didn’t think I’d need it but if at ANY time during the procedure I felt that I was losing it she’d give it to me. I barely felt her numbing my mouth and didn’t feel anything during the procedure. Between Dr. Mendrinos and her hygienist talking to me during the procedure – I was completely calm.

They is a relaxing aura about the place. I’ve never EVER felt that at any dentist office. I’m seriously going to miss them once we move to Hawaii and I have to find a new dentist!

Hey – I wasn’t paid ANYTHING or even asked to write this. I just wanted to! Just letting you know!

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

Did all of my readers have a great Thanksgiving dinner? I sure did! My family and I spent Thanksgiving over our friend’s house and had lots (and lots) of great food and fun with our friends. There were six adults and six kids, a giant turkey and all the fixin’s, four pies and lots of noise. We had a great time and even had the chance to visit a nearby park after dinner.

At the local park the kids and we came across a man and his dog sleeping on the park bench. He stayed there for awhile and watched the kids play and the kids began trying to talk to him. My son asked him why he was sleeping on the bench and he replied that he “had eaten too much Thanksgiving turkey” and was “just taking a nap.” He left shortly thereafter.

This man is the fifth homeless person I’ve come across here in Virginia Beach. I know there are many, many more but I’ve honestly never lived somewhere where I’ve seen people sleeping on park benches and on the shady grass next to the local Burger King. It absolutely breaks my heart. I see two Vets (I’d assume) who are ‘living’ in the local park and hanging out by two fast food places nearby each and every day. They have bicycles and carry around all their belongings in little bike carts. They both have dogs who walk with them without even needing to be told. They are family.

I want to buy them a coffee and a hot meal. Bring them a blanket when it gets cold.

I want to learn more about what’s being done to help take care of the homeless here in Virginia Beach (and around the country). Will you help?

Here are some links to websites of local agencies that help the homeless:

Southeastern Virginia Food Banks
Seton Youth Shelters
Vet’s House Inc.

Ps. This entry is being cross-posted at both Atomic-Mama.com and JustSayOohRah.com because this is a crucially important message.