Cupcakes for Your Twilight Party

Do you have an affinity for cupcakes or the movie Twilight? Here is a unique little cupcake book that combines cupcake and entertainment ideas with quotes and facts from Twilight. It’s perfect if you want to host a Twilight or Halloween party! Even if you aren’t a Twilight fan, there are definitely some great recipes and ideas that you could customize for other types of events and entertaining.

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New Moon Cast at NAS Oceana


It’s finally been announced who will be taking pictures with 300+ Navy Exchange Oceana customers! This past Saturday I along with a ton of other people waited to see who the “lucky” 300 would be. Those lucky 300 (and their guests) will be able to take a photo with Twilight Saga: New Moon cast members.

Members of the New Moon cast at Oceana this Wednesday: Nikki Reed (Rosalie), Alex Meraz (Paul), Daniel Cudmore (Felix), Christian Serratos (Angela) and Tyson Houseman (Quil).

I’m so happy there there will be one of the “Cullen’s” at this event! Rosalie is an awesome character … I am a little disappointed though since I would love to meet Ashley Greene (Alice). I am not surprised, however, that Taylor Lautner (Jacob), Rob Pattinson (Edward) and Kristen Stewart (Bella) won’t be there.

Were you one of the 300 winners? I’ll post my photo on my blog after Wednesday!

Coming Soon .. a STEAMY Twilight Saga: Eclipse!

Vampire_bella_cullen Chris Weitz – who directed “New Moon” – says that he has read the script for the third movie in the Vamp-franchise and promises that it’s gonna be sexy! He admitted that he is particularly excited about seeing the tent scene, in which Bella climbs into a sleeping bag with Jacob while Edward looks on.

"I’m looking forward to the sleeping bag scene, I gotta say," Weitz explained. "That’s going to be very steamy."

He added that he is anticipating seeing Elizabeth Reaser and Peter Facinelli play Edward’s parents in the movie.

"I have a special interest in seeing Peter and Elizabeth tear people’s heads off," he said. "Knowing them, and knowing how kooky and delightful they are, I’m going to find seeing them being ultra-violent very interesting indeed."

I’m looking forward to seeing K-Stew’s wig! I’ve seen pictures and it looks completely fug lovely! All kidding aside I thought Eclipse was a great book – less “angst” than New Moon and way more tension (both the “omg there out to kill us” and “omg I want the sex” kind!) It’s gonna be hot … of course *cough* in a cheesy teen-angst kinda way … Not that I’m into that at all … *looks around*

Team Edward vs Team Jacob

This hilarious video is from last night’s Saturday Night Live hosted by Taylor Lautner:

I didn’t realize that he was actually … FUNNY 😉

Moms at the Movies: New Moon


If you’ve seen me posting on Twitter you know that I am a huge fan of the Twilight saga. I’m “Team Jacob” too and even wore a homemade t’shirt to the movies the other night to catch New Moon with about six other “old ladies” (all over the age of 25 but under the age of 50). The theater was packed with mostly tweenage / teenage girls of course who shrieked each time anything came on screen (I was the asshat screaming in the back row “OMG! LOOK! It’s a MOON!”).

New Moon was released on November 20, 2009 in the United States and Canada, and set domestic box office records as the biggest midnight screening and opening day in history when it grossed an estimated $72.7 million in its first day of release.

The movie was great though – I think it was much better than Twilight. I liked this book a lot more also – once you get passed all the teenage drama and angst (which really gets old). This book / movie is the reason I am “Team Jacob” lol … You absolutely HAVE to root for him by the end of this movie!

Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) really worked his ass off for this part – he looked great. Let’s just ignore the fact that he’s not legal yet okay? He looked HOT as did the rest of the Wolf Pack. With the exception of a few things the movie really did cover the book well. The ending in the movie was much better though I believe.

Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) reprises her role as the “I can’t live without a man” lead chick while Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) mopes around and reminds Bella to ‘keep her promise’ (unlike the book where Edward was merely a voice in Bella’s head).

I love watching the Cullen family interact on screen though. I’ve always been a fan of Peter Facinelli (Carlisle) and absolutely adore Ashley Greene (Alice). Unfortunately – I don’t think Nikki Reed looked quite as lovely as Rosalie in this movie. She seemed like more of an afterthought hair and makeup wise. I believe she was ‘wigged’ for this movie thus accounting for the terrible hair-do. What a shame as Rosalie is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous.

Nice to see that Jackson Rathbone (Jasper) looked a little less constipated in this movie. I know it’s just his character (of Jasper) but jeeze! Jackson is really hot normally!

I thought the casting for the Volturi family was absolutely PERFECT! I cheered when Dakota Fanning (Jane) came onscreen. She didn’t have a big role – but I’ve read she’s a massive Twilight fan; so I’m sure what little screentime she had was so worth it! Michael Sheen (Aro) was also perfect for his role. The way I pictured Aro in the book was a little ‘foppish’ yet also quite sinister. He seemed to channel Johnny Depp’s character in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” perfectly and thus, was perfect for Aro!

Rachelle Lefevre comes back in this movie as Victoria although she will not be in the next movie (Eclipse) which is a shame. She’s absolutely stunning and makes for a great beautiful yet absolutely dangerous vampire vixen.

The Wolf Pack featuring Chaske Spencer (Sam), Kiowa Gordon (Embry Call), Tyson Houseman (Quil Ateara), Alex Meraz (Paul) and Bronson Pelletier (Jared) was pretty easy on the eyes too!

If you like Vampires and Wolves and neat CGI tricks go see New Moon. If you like hot guys and gorgeous girls go see New Moon. If you are obsessed with the Twilight saga go see New Moon. If your girlfriend is obsessed with the Twilight Saga .. take HER to see New Moon!

Have you bought your tickets for New Moon yet? Are you going to see the movie?

Twilight: New Moon Soundtrack (review)

51J8E1J81wL._SL160_ While I really enjoyed the Twilight soundtrack I really, really liked this one much better. Everything about the soundtrack was perfect for the movie – much more so than the first. The difference with this cd was that each song was either written directly for New Moon or can only be found on this soundtrack and was chosen specifically for the movie.

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