Sponzai The Newest IZEA Property


I am SO excited to announce on here (along with like – everyone else at IzeaFest) that the BIG DEBUT this year is Sponzai! Sponzai is a cool new way to make money with your blog – sponsors write their own guest post including multimedia and links. Sponsors then select the blogs on which they want to distribute their pre-written post. Bloggers earn cash for posting the content! I watched my table neighbors try it out and it’s just a matter of adding in your blog(s), choosing your price and waiting for the opportunities to roll in.

The disclosure shows up right up at the top of the guest post – so there is complete transparency.

I’m all signed up and have my two best blogs in the system! Can’t wait to see my first post!

Check it out at Sponzai.com 🙂

Ps. This obviously not a paid post … I am just really a HUGE fan of this company and really excited about this new program.