Enjoy the Ride with Huggies

Today on Twitter there was a #HuggiesMom party going on. One thing that was being discussed was the Huggies "Enjoy the Ride" program (which is similar to the Pampers "Gifts to Grow" program) where you can earn points by purchasing participating products (diapers, wipes, etc.), answering online polls or watching videos, browsing websites or finding codes in promotional materials.

You sign up on the website – in this case EnjoyTheRideRewards.com and enter the codes to claim your points. You can use the points for chances to win in sweepstakes drawings, instant win games. You can also "share the ride" with friends

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Plan A Safe Holiday

As December speeds by, many last minute buyers feel the urgency to find just the right gift for a particular person. BUT, in that search for something cool, people often forget about safety. Before you buy this year, you may want to check out what the Consumer Product Safety Commission has to say about that gift that your family or friends really want. After all, it’s no fun to get (or give) a present that isn’t up to par and has to be returned.

If you are still in need of some gift ideas why not check out my Guide to Gift Guides? You are sure to find the perfect gift for anyone!

Oh – and if you wanna buy something for ME (cuz you love me and all) take a look at My Wishlist! I’m kidding!! (no I’m not, lol)

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Got Boogies?

img-onTheRun-purple_01 In one of my “SWAG” bags from IzeaFest I received a sample of Boogie Wipes! Boogie Wipes are like wet wipes but are made with saline which dissolves the snots that love to stick to kids’ noses. Well – let me say that I tried them MYSELF during my flight home from the conference!

For some reason my allergies began acting up while my plane was landing in Atlanta. Of course I didn’t have any tissues – but I remember I had one solitary Boogie Wipe stuffed into my bag! I ripped it open and utilized it on my drippy nose.

First off – there was no burn like you get when you use regular wet wipes (because they are made with alcohol). Second it was strong and I was able to not only blow my nose with it, but also use it a couple times (yeah I know … gross … but should I have used my sleeve instead?).

The only thing that got to me was the fact it smelled like grape juice. Thankfully – they also have “menthol” and “fresh” scents in addition to the “grape” scent.

There are two ways Boogie Wipes come packaged. There is a package of wipes (similar to how baby wipes come packaged) and also individually wrapped wipes (this is what I had in my backpack). There is also a DIAPER CAKE option which would make a great gift for a new mama!

Chapped Lips, & Chicken Shoot

Today was awesome – seriously. I started the day off WAY too early, but I had to in order to get to Norfolk in time for a spouse motivational workshop (the speaker was Jacey Eckhardt!!) – I’m sure I will be super blogging about it on my other blog so I’m not going into details here. Just stay tuned – lots of information for me to sort though!

I got mail from Team Mom – another awesome freaking review to do. I’ve got about 6 others for Parent Reviews. I love love love my job – but I think I’m going nuts this week. I will get them all done in the next couple days – I promise!!!

Hubby got MAIL today! He ordered a neat game for the Wii called “Chicken Shoot” – he bought it for Xander obviously since the kid needs a game that HE can play. It looks super cute (Alan was playing it today) but Xander will get to try it out tomorrow so we shall see he he fares. We also got a new gun thingy for the Wii called a “Wii Perfect Shot Gun.” It’s neat I guess. I mean, my husband is certainly enjoying it. He put Xander to bed and he’s right back to shooting the bird the chickens!

On the crappy side of life; it goes from hot to cold around here now and my nose is running and my lips are super chapped. Ugh … this is the sucky part of the season change.

Super Cool Baby/Kid TShirts

I’m seriously having SO much fun shopping online for baby stuff! I’m nearly 12 weeks along now, so I feel better about pricing things such as strollers and bedroom stuff. But, I’m not forgetting my awesome BIG BROTHER TO BE, Xander! I’ve already picked him up a “Big Brother” tshirt from Huddy Buddy, a great website featuring shirts for your little ones (and really tiny little ones!). The shirts come in lots of sizes from 3/6 up to size 8 – in onesie form, tshirts and even long sleeve tshirts.

The Big Brother tshirt (long sleeve) that I got for my kiddo can also come with the “Little Brother/Sister” onesie for the new baby! I only got the “Big Brother” one for now and plan on getting the smaller onesie once I find out if the new baby is a boy or a girl! They also have a “middle kid” shirt in pink or blue if you decide to add another kid! In fact, I have a good friend who is having her third baby girl in October – maybe a set of shirts would be a nice gift!

Huddy Buddy shirts are QUALITY shirts – this isn’t a shop that gets their stuff from some random online printer; the shirts are well made and really (really!) cute! You can find sibling tees (boys, girls, twins, etc.) and even a shirt that I REALLY like that says “I like my milk fresh from the source” – yeah! You will also find a “Potty Trained” shirt to celebrate that certain milestone! Seriously, check out the website – super cute stuff, and even photos of cute kids modeling!

Cute Baby Clothes

I’ve been “window” shopping for the new baby lately, and since we will be in the ‘States for this ones birth I can actually order COOL STUFF for him or her! No one ever wanted to ship overseas! So, anyway, one of the sweet baby clothes sites I’ve been perusing is Uncommonly Cute – which is an awesome boutique! They have super cute (and tiny) shirts and onesies for little ones that say things like “New Kid on the Block” or “Elmo is My Homeboy” (*squee!*). Another one of my favorites is “Chick Magnet” because Xander (my 3 year old) is such a player (lol!).

lcb.gifEach shirt design is available in onesies, an infant t-shirt or a long sleeve style and prices run between $22 and $24. Uncommonly Cute sells in stores (smaller baby boutiques and bigger chain stores like Nordstrom) and also sells wholesale. You can also find Uncommonly Cute products in various online retailers (you can find a list on their website). There is also an affiliate program you can join where you can earn 10% of all sales you deliver from your affiliate link!

There is also a section of the shop where the shirts you buy benefit the R Baby Foundation. R Baby Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that newborn babies receive the highest quality of care and service through supporting education, research, treatment, training and life-saving equipment.

See! Cute baby clothes shopping and potentially saving a baby’s life – how can you go wrong?