Always Get the “Weird”

Weird and ironic things always happen to me. I can think about calling my mom or hubby and the phone will ring, or I can think of someone that I haven’t talked to in awhile and the next day they will contact me. Yesterday there was a super weird thing that happened to me …

I was asked to review a book called “The Skinny: Adventures Of America’s First Bulimic” written by Rayni Joan and just couldn’t find the time to read it until about a week ago. Yesterday I got a call from my career counselor at school and I have an interview for an internship at the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment here in Virginia Beach (my interview is the 14th so cross your fingers!) The SAME DAY the book starts talking about one of the characters being interested in the studies of Edgar Cayce and goes into some of the things they believe.

I’d never HEARD of Edgar Cayce before yesterday. Yet I have two completely different instances of hearing about him that day. What made that happen? What made me wait to read the book until the very day the section about Edgar Cayce could match up to the job interview? See? WEIRD!

Now that I’ve done a little research I am so ridiculously excited about my interview though … this is right up my alley. But seriously – does this weird stuff happen to anyone else?