Getting Ready (Really!)

This pregnancy is down to the home stretch – 3 weeks (give or take) until Little Miss graces us with her presence. We’ve got clothes, diapers, wipes, etc. Just about everything we “need” for her aside from a few more white onesies/tshirts and sleepers. I will pick the rest of the stuff up this week (ugh, need a couple co-sleeper sheets too *adds to list*).

Need to do 8 metric tons of laundry! I grabbed a big (full) hamper from our bedroom, hoisted it to the garage and loaded the washer. Then unloaded the dryer (why the dryer was full I have no idea), hoisted the clean clothes to the bedroom, dumped the basket and ran to the bathroom to throw up. I’m guessing that the baskets were too heavy or belly didn’t like the kneeling or something. But seriously? I want to do more laundry – but now I am a little worried about getting sick again. Might have to let Alan tackle that task.

Still need to finish up the dishes – that shouldn’t be too hard. Need to clean the living room (it WAS clean the other day – but then the dog went through the trash. Thanks Samson).

Guest room! It’s coming along – but I still have a ton to do in there. Xander’s room also but he’s going to help me with that today (whether he wants to or not).

Guess I should finish off my coffee and get moving huh? Or have another cup of coffee …

Baby Shower Photos

Baby Shower - October 9, 2010

Two of my good friends – Melissa and Angie – threw me a baby shower this past Saturday. I was amazed at how many of my dear friends showed up! I felt so supported and loved – it was so awesome!

I received so many different things for Baby Girl! Some clothes, some diapers, some bath stuff – I can’t complain at all! She’s so covered now! I still need to grab just a few more things for her like another sleeper (the zip up kind) along with some sheets for the co-sleeper. I also need to grab some “girly” receiving blankets (we’ve still got ALL of Xander’s baby stuff but a little pink wouldn’t hurt, lol). I also want to pick up a Bundle Me for the car seat. I also would like to snag a Pink Boppy Changing Pad Set as well as a pretty pink Boppy cover.

Here are the rest of the photos uploaded to Flickr!

I’m thinking of making a trip over to BabiesRUs and using the 10% off coupon they sent me. Might make that trip this weekend so that hubby can help out (him and Xander like to shop for the baby also).

Still need to solidify baby memory book plans. I’ve decided to make it – scrapbook style – so I need to visit the local scrapbook store and see if they have any premade “baby book” inserts. I already have an empty 8.5×11 book but I need to grab some girly fabric – so I assume a trip to Joanne’s is on the agenda also.

Need to finish cleaning the guestroom so my parents have a place to sleep when they get here. OMG so much to do!

Depression Sucks (post-dated)

This post was written a few days ago – but I decided to open it up because I’m finding that the depression that I’ve had over the years has seriously gotten worse. I’ve always felt that writing about it was easier and I wanted to bring attention to depression as an “illness” so here it is.

I do have to say that pregnancy-wise I’m feeling a little better now that I know what “it” is now (a girl). But I’ve completely dropped every single other ‘plate’ that I’ve been spinning. I even emailed my advisor at school to withdraw me from the two internet classes that I am taking. I will be getting “F’s” in both classes.

I will be picking up a prescription for Prozac today in hopes that I will be able to reclaim my brain. I will let you know how it goes.

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