It Is Okay Mr. President


The ‘social web’ is all a-twitter with the news that our President … Mr. Barack Obama … called singer / R&B phenom (and all around douche) Kanye West a “jackass.” Of course, now President Obama is doing ‘oops’ control and making apologies and such. But – he was, in my opinion (and the opinion of millions of others) completely and utterly correct!

For those who live under a rock – or just generally don’t pay attention to pop culture – Taylor Swift won the award for Best Female Video at the MTV Video Music Awards this past Sunday. During her acceptance / thank you speech The Biggest Asshole in R & B Kanye West jumps up on stage, grabs the microphone from the stunned country singer and proclaims:

“YO Taylor! I’m really happy for you … I’ma let you finish … but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. Of all time!!”

Holy Cow! Kanye was boo’d offstage and everyone gave Taylor a standing ovation. She looked absolutely heartbroken! Thankfully she pulled it together and gave a great performance of her winning song “You Belong with Me” live from the awards show. She looked a little nervous when she first started her song though – but by the end she was rocking. Seriously though … One of the best? The best? Of all time? Are we thinking of the same video here? Anyway … Beyonce was gracious and invited Taylor up to the stage to finish the interrupted acceptance speech. (Beyonce won “Video of the Year” … not of “All Time” by the way).

But … I’m completely in support of our President being open and honest. If he thinks Kanye is a “jackass” then by golly I’m going to agree with him!

It was a little dirty for that ABC person to tweet what the President said though … wasn’t this person supposed to be working and not dinking around on the Twitter? (according to cnn)

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