First Day/Night at #IzeaFest and #hos

Izea Fest 2009 Blogging & Social Media Conference

Before I begin – I just want to say that whomever thought up the Twitter hashtag of “#hos” to represent “Howl-O-Scream” should’ve been flicked in the ear. Ho’s? Really?

Anyway … I wrote this post on Thursday when I hadn’t quite realized that I could pull in internet from the lobby of the hotel!

Well .. I made it to Orlando for IzeaFest and am currently sitting in my room at the beautiful (and quite tall) Renaissance hotel at Sea World waiting for my phone to connect to the internet. Unfortunately, I can only pull ‘free’ WiFi down in the lobby (for 3 hours … ?) and I’ve been travelling since around 4:00 this morning and am in no way shape of form ready to ‘mingle’ looking like this!

Lisa (my roomate) is speaking on a panel of bloggers today at a meet and greet. But I don’t want to pay to get in (and actually have no clue where it is anyway) so I figure I will jump in the shower and make myself presentable before she gets back and we head out to Busch Gardens’ Howl-O-Scream with a ton of other bloggers and social media geeks (such as ourselves!)

I met up with Courtney at Orlando airport and we shared lunch and a cab to the hotel. I’m thinking her and her roomies (Heather and Heather’s daughter Crystal) are in the same vicinity as Lisa and I – but Courtney can’t remember her room number! Thus begins the insanity that is Izea Fest!

Will write up more updates later! I’m too busy listening to a great panel right now talking about “What Advertisers Want” featuring Brett Bumeter, George Smith, John Andrews, Joseph Jaffe and Zena Weist 🙂

Ignore this: The module apologizes in a climate.