This Is No Vacation Bro!

Someone on Tumblr joked that I was on vacation. I responded with something along the lines of “this isn’t a vacation – no one has handed me a Pina Colada or Mai Tai yet!” I’ve certainly needed a hearty drink after dealing with two little ones who just don’t GET the whole “we’re in the Navy kids – so suck it up!” I completely understand what they are going through. I really do. Transitions are difficult and transitions that take you across the entire continental United States all the way to an ISLAND are even more so.

Xander is already making friends – our neighborhood (“Navy housing”) is FULL of kids! Plus, the school he is attending is a 2 mile walk round-trip so he has time to see/meet kids on the walk to school.

Juliana is having fun – but her “clock” is a little wonky and we haven’t really come up with a routine yet. Her normal routine is getting up around 7am and sitting on the couch watching Disney JR while I get Xander ready for school. Here? We have THE most uncomfortable couch in the universe (“boonie” furniture) and no cable. We did buy a new television – a 32 inch that will eventually go in our bedroom! It has a built in DVD player though – so I’ve been running plenty of Barney and Sesame Street movies for her to enjoy.

It’s beautiful here. I can’t wait to explore the island more.

But – I’m seriously missing my friends from back home.

On the plus side – I’ve met a lot of cool people!

Everything will be okay.

Holy Expensive!

To be perfectly honest – KNOWING prices for things are higher here in Hawaii is different that SEEING those prices reflected in your bank account.

I need a coupon club! Eek!!

Quick Island Check-In


We made it to Oahu, Hawaii!! I’m blogging on my phone, so this won’t be long!

Just wanted to check-in!

SO Not Ready for this PCS

The movers are coming TOMORROW to pack up all of our stuff and move us. This is the first time in the 10 years I’ve been married that we aren’t ready at ALL. My husband hasn’t helped me at all to get ready – we haven’t set aside anything, haven’t taken any inventory (or looked up old inventory lists).

I am so freaking frustrated right now! Not to mention my seven year old refuses to listen and do anything I ask of him!

I’d love to write up more – but right now I have to pack a couple “packed by owner” boxes and set stuff aside for our keeping. Bleh!

That’s what I’m using right now to get organized. Please share more links and ideas with me!