Hooray For Broken Laptops

Yeah, not really … I wrote out this long post for the blog the other day, then left the room to finish getting ready for work. Baby Girl (16 months) then apparently decided that the laptop better belonged on the floor. So, she knocked it off the side table.

I tried to turn it on but it wasn’t working right. I heard it trying to turn on – but wasn’t seeing anything on the screen.

Long story short – the monitor is broken. Which in my mind is way better than a hard-drive failure because I can replace the monitor; I didn’t have everything on the hard-drive backed up.

So, the Husband backed it all up – or it’s in the process of backing up as we speak. Might take awhile.

Urg … This sucks – but it could have been way worse!

Aside from having a broken laptop …. it’s been a nice couple days! It’s March 1st and about 80 degrees and super sunny! I guess I should get used to weather like this.

We got our orders to HAWAII!! 🙂