His Game is Old School

My son rocks at the Super Mario Bros. Wii game. Rocks. I seriously don’t know where he gets it from either (don’t you look at me!) I suppose it’s “bad parenting” since he just turned five but hey … he’s not playing Grand Theft Auto – he’s playing Mario. It’s good for hand eye coordination! Okay? Do you have a little gamer in your house? Am I the only bad parent out there?

Review: Tuttles Madcap Adventures

I got myself (er, well, Xander) a copy of “Tuttles Madcap Adventures” which is put out by “Legacy Interactive” (they also made the “Farm Vet” game as well as two “Law and Order” games). The game is SUPER cute and features the voices of Bob Saget (*squee!*) and Jamie Lee Curtis (oh and Ashley Tisdale). The game is about a family (Mom, Dad, teen sister and little brother) who are going to take a family vacation to the Alamo. They run into a bunch of problems along the way that the family has to deal with. It’s an easy to play game (it’s “side scroll” arcade style – like old-school “Mario”) that doesn’t have violence .. just good old hopping on things to defeat them. My three year old couldn’t really get the hang of it – but he enjoyed watching me play. I’d say maybe 5 and up – just because there are some parts of the game that are difficult to maneuver (for the little ones).

Beautiful game boards! Here is a shot of an “undersea” board.
There is an offhand comment about sex, but most kids aren’t going to catch it or if they do, they will probably find it funny – it goes something like “Dad – I think we need to have a talk” “Kid – Is this about sex?” …. I probably mangled the quote, but that is the gist. Nothing serious.

Now, the REALLY AWESOME thing about this game is that 75% of the proceeds from the downloads at the Tuttles game website go to the Starlight Foundation! Go check out their website, it’s a WONDERFUL group!

The Tuttles is now available as a PC/Mac hybrid at retailers across the country. Additionally, The Tuttles is available as a download for the PC and Mac, and there are also Flash, widget and Facebook applications.