Zoo Trip

Today I took Xander to the zoo with some friends. We said some more goodbyes since we won’t be seeing Mandy and her kids again for awhile (Mandy jokes that her baby will be almost 3 by the time we could possibly be stationed together again, eek!) Our other friend, Julissa will be spending Thanksgiving with us – we’re ordering Pizza, lol 😉

The zoo was a lot of fun. I think I took 100 pictures because I don’t remember ever taking pictures of the animals there before. Friday we’re supposed to go again with Valerie and her boys. Feel better soon Jack!

This is the part that sucks … I hate saying goodbye to people …

Blah …

I now have a 100 boxes to pack, floors to clean, bathrooms to detail, a dryer to get fixed, laundry to wash and HANG, did I mention boxes to pack?

Update on “Us”

Alan’s home!! He flew into our hometown on our Anniversary (the 16th) 🙂 Xander and I are still sick – Xander being a little worse than me. He’s coughing and sleepy all the time. He’s pretty pitiful if you ask me. We’ve been keeping him doped up on Motrin (for the heat coming off him) and Robitussen (because the Dimetapp was not working).

We went out to dinner with Valerie her hubby Jason and their kids tonight. Our boys are like brothers, we’re going to miss them. I am trying to hang out with my friends (and Xander’s friends) as much as possible before we leave – but it’s turning into a problem since it’s Thanksgiving week … Everyone is heading out of town 🙁

Jacksonville is only 10 hours away from Virginia … right?

Our house up there is all signed and paid for. Our electricity and water get turned on the day before we get there. I still have to call for cable and internet though. All our contemporary furniture gets delivered on Tuesday. Hopefully Alan can be home for a little while for that – otherwise I’m on my own. No biggie.

We’re looking at getting a trailer hitch put on our minivan so we can tag team the drive up. We don’t have a ton of stuff here to pack, so the big trailer should be fine.

Too much to do … too little time. The house looks like a tornado went through it because of my suitcase, Alan’s suitcase and the packing paper Xander shredded all over the floor. Laundry is piled everywhere also since I’m making sure everything is clean before I pack it. Thankfully, Alan just changed the light bulb in our bedroom so we have light in there now. So, I can work in there at night. I was trying to pack things in Xander’s room this afternoon and Xander was trying to sit in my lap – so I got 2 boxes packed/sealed. There are 5-6 boxes in our bedroom that are half packed. I just need to finish throwing stuff in and seal them.

I need a list …