Are You Using Yahoo! Pipes?

I was reading in the .Net Magazine issue that I’ve got sitting in my bathroom a little about Yahoo! Pipes. Pipes is a powerful composition tool to aggregate, manipulate, and mashup content from around the web. Pipes can be used to combine a bunch of different feeds into one easy to manage feed that users can sort, filter and even geocode.

Looking at screenshots and video it looks a LOT like database software (for instance Microsoft Access). I wonder if Pipes can be combined with Yahoo! Query Language (YQL) since it all looks pretty database-y (why yes, that is a technical term!) The difference is that Pipes looks really easy and has a lot of drag-and-drop options. Doesn’t look like you really need to be a database programmer to use it.

Yahoo pipes sounds really neat – are any of my readers currently using it? I think it might be a cool idea to get some real, useable content onto my ‘military blog’. The blog has been really lacking lately due to the fact that I really have zero clue what to use it for. I like posting news items and reviews of products and companies that support the military, but I think it needs more.

I’m thinking of trying out Pipes. I will let you know how it goes 🙂

Great Video Tutorial: “Learn How to Build a Pipe in Just a Few Minutes

The Letter of the Day is …

I currently have an “F” in my Web Client Scripting class (in other words – Javascript). It’s not that I don’t “get” it really – it’s more of a timing issue.

I’ve been sorta swamped with work since attending the conference last week. I’m totally not complaining because this is what I want – completely! I’m just saying that this Javascript class has sorta taken a backseat to my design work.

It’s so nice to have actual, paying clients. I love working with them, love designing for them and love seeing their comments when I make a website that they love. It makes me smile!

My husband thinks that I put too much work into my work. But I do that only because I am really still learning (hence my cheap prices! lol). I’m IN school – I’m not technically IN the field. So – my first few clients are really guinea pigs in my wonderfully large development experiment! Shh, don’t tell them …

Okay – so today I will be getting two websites (blogs) online. Dwan and Alan have been tremendously patient with me and are very understanding when I post on Twitter with how much I hate the “Thesis” theme. Well – I don’t really HATE it – I actually LOVE it – I just have to LEARN it. It’s completely worth the money – it just takes some time. Y’know – learning curve and all.

Hopefully Noel’s blog will be up this weekend. It’s pretty much all done – just a few more tweaks. She’s being incredibly patient with me also and I love her for that.

Tammy’s layouts will be sent tomorrow! TOMORROW!!

Lisa’s new project will be worked on next week (I will make the due date sweetie – promise).

Gosh, anything else? I have to get back to work on my schoolwork – so follow me on Twitter @starryskye81 if you wanna hear me run my mouth some more!