It’s Not Much – But it’s All Mine

So, I can finally cross something off my “bucket list” — learning to knit!

I decided the other day (after seeing my neighbor pick up her crochet hook for the first time in a long time) that I would grab my needles and try to – again – knit SOMETHING. Took a few videos on YouTube and a few times ripping stitches off the needles and trying again (five times actually) but I got it! Granted, it’s reversed and dropped in a few places and I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to end up with in the end – but it is further than I’ve ever gotten with a knitting project!

So, I’m super DUPER pleased with myself!

First – I started to sew again and now I’ve picked up knitting!

I also vacuumed and mopped two rooms today, took off my pantry doors and removed a shelf! Maybe I won’t need that lobotomy after all!

Itching to Create

My fab husband “allowed” me to drop him and the kids off at home and wander around the craft store for over an hour last night! It was therapeutic certainly – I needed a “night out” even if it was a short one.

I was on a quest to pick up some ribbon to make some hairbows for my daughter – nothing fancy since I’m really not wanting to get into making all those insane “designer” hairbows. I have enough friends I can order them from!

I was also on the hunt for some trinkets and bits to make a necklace. I found a sweet “steampunk” style necklace over on Pinterest and I was dying to try and recreate it! I found a lot of similar charms at the craft store. Just missing a small rose-looking “bead” of some sort. The necklace I’m trying to recreate is pictured to the left.

I found some light silver wings – which I’m not crazy about so I picked up some metallic coppery paint and some metallic “gun metal” colored paint and will see which color will mesh best with the other charms I purchased.

I’m excited to see how this turns out! I haven’t made jewelry (or anything else for that matter) in awhile now!

Bought Some Tulle

I visited the fabric store today and bought a BUNCH of tulle for tutu’s I’m going to make! I’m making pink/black ones for Jules and myself and my friend Melissa will be making a red/black one! I will also be making some fairy wings and bought some wire at the Home Depot today!

Here is the ‘pattern’ for the wings that I will be following (it’s from Craftster). It doesn’t look too hard – and I’ve made wings before, I just used hangers. But this time – using the wire will allow me to shape the wings much easier!

I’m excited! Jules and I will be matching faeries for Halloween!

Now I just have to get a green hat and a white “L” for Xander’s “Luigi” costume …